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Small Grant Programme 2012


Carfree UK would like to support the work of groups in the UK that are doing work in line with its mission (points 1-3 below). It is hoped that this will build momentum within the carfree movement in the UK. Up to five groups will receive funding, capped at a maximum of £1,000 per group. This programme was officially launched on 15 May 2012.

Application Criteria

Proposals need to fit into one of three topic areas:

  1. Encouraging new carfree development
  2. Promoting road closures/pedestrianisation
  3. Supporting carfree people or carfree living

Applicants will need to demonstrate that their projects are strategically sound, achievable within a specified timeframe and would greatly benefit from Carfree UK funding.

Applicants will also need to be willing to take part in an informal network, coming together to share experiences at a one-day national meeting in early 2013.

Applicants will need to argue a case for their reliability and likelihood of success with the project. There must be two or more signatories on the organisation's bank account. (Funding will not be provided into an individual's account.) A contact person must be specified, who will be responsible for communicating with Carfree UK and accountable for managing the project in line with how it is described in the application form.

Application Submission

Please request an application form via an email to Randall Ghent (Carfree UK Co-ordinator): rghent at Please submit your application by 12 noon on 15 July 2012 to the same email address. You will receive a confirmation of receipt. Original paper applications may be required at a later date from short-listed applicants. The Carfree UK committee will choose the grant recipients and award amounts by 31 August 2012. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Randall at the email address above, or on 01904 796860 (evenings).